Adwokat Lilianna Felczyńska-Fiks


Our legal services cover pre-litigation stage (legal advices, letters, opinions) as well as court and enforcement proceedings.
Below you may find detailed list of services directed to individual clients:


Civil law cases

  1. real estates - acquisitive prescription, division of property, removal of installations unlawfully situated on land properties, easements, protection of possession, regulating of real estates legal status, land and mortgage register proceedings, perpetual usufruct,
  2. credit agreements, loans
  3. pursuing claims for damages, annuity, pension, compensation resulting out of accidents or malpractice and legal protection against such claims,
  4. contractual claims – compensation, liquidated damages, warranty, guarantee, damages,
  5. drafting and reviewing legal contracts – e.g. purchase, delivery of goods, lease, tenancy, exchange, donation agreements, contracts for the performance of a specific task, contracts for services, etc.,
  6. protection of tenants’ rights – tenancy, eviction,
  7. consumer protection rights,
  8. debt collecting , enforcement proceedings,
  9. protection of personal interests,

Inheritance law

  1. confirmation of inheritance acquisition,
  2. inheritance division,
  3. compulsory portion of an inheritance,
  4. liability for inheritance debts.

Family law

  1. divorces, judicial separation,
  2. splitting of common assets of spouses,
  3. alimony ( maintenance),
  4. contact order, parental responsibility,
  5. afiliation, denial of paternity or maternity,

Employment law

  1. drafting and reviewing employment agreements, management contracts, contracts for the performance of a specific task, contracts for services,
  2. employee claims ( resulting out of unfair dismissal, damages, back wages, discrimination, mobbing).
  3. mobbing and discrimination at the workplace claims

Criminal law 

  1. criminal cases in courts and in public prosecutor’s offices,
  2. representing of people injured by crimes including:
    • road traffic offences,
    • crimes against property,
    • crimes against the person,
    • crimes against family relations,
    • crimes against business trading,

Credit and franc cases 

  1. Analysis of loan agreements in terms of the possibility of pursuing claims and their valuation,
  2. Court cases (annulment of a Swiss franc loan, de-franchising, for payment),
  3. Analysis of abusive clauses,
  4. Representation in a case for payment,
  5. Negotiations with the bank.

Businesses clients

We offer a wide range of specialized legal services for business clients. The following are some of the most frequently used services:

  1. regular legal services,
  2. legal advisory,
  3. legal opinions and audits – drafting and reviewing commercial contracts, trade co-operations contracts, civil contracts (lease, tenancy, employment agreements, contract for services, contracts for the performance of a specific task etc.)
  4. representation in courts and before administrative bodies,
  5. debt collecting – pre-litigation proceeding, negotiations, lawsuit, enforcement proceedings,
  6. setting up companies (drafting a deed of association, preparing documentation necessary to register a company in the National Court Register, registration, representation in courts and administrative bodies, dealing with public notaries, translators)
  7. drafting resolutions, contracts, deeds of associations, by-laws, appealing against resolutions, preparing documentation for meeting of the shareholders,
  8. representation in legal proceeding in the National Court Register (KRS),
  9. civil cases (including damages), labour law,
  10. pursuing claims against members of the management boards and legal protection against such claims,
  11. representation clients in business negotiations, arbitration and mediation proceedings.