Adwokat Lilianna Felczyńska-Fiks

Barrister ( US attorney at law), member of a Bar Council in Łódź since 2010, law graduate  of University of Łódź. She completed International and European Legal Studies Programme at University of Antwerp in Belgium and 2005 International Business and Trade Summer Law at Jagiellonian University in Kraków. Lilianna Felczyńska-Fiks is also a graduate of Postgraduate Studies of Company Law at University of Warsaw. She renders legal services in Polish and in English.

She has run a Legal Office in Zgierz since 2010. She specializes in civil matters, with particular emphasis on consumer loans, realestate (abolition of joint ownership, acquisitive prescription, inheritance division, division of property) and compensation cases, as well as in family matters. She has extensive experience in providing services to business entities as well as in litigation. She constantly improves her professional qualifications through participation in training courses and conferences.



Wojciech Krzysztofek – barrister

Wojciech Krzysztofek is a graduate of Faculty of Law at University of Łódź. He has completed an apprenticeship in a profession of a judge and a barrister. Member of the Bar Council since 1982 when he commenced his legal practice.

He has a wide experience in litigation, including civil disputes, commercial trials, administrative procedures and criminal actions. His Law Office focuses on comprehensive legal advisory services to corporate clients.

Adwokat Patryk Fiks - barrister

A member of the Bar Council in Łódź since 2010, graduate from Faculty of Law at University of Łódź. He has gained wide experience at work in a law office providing regular legal services for corporate clients in the scope of copyright and intellectual property rights as well as industrial property law.

advocate trainee Daria Kostrzewa

She graduated in law with the Rectors Diploma of Recognition at the Faculty of Law and Administration of the Ryszard Łazarski University of Commerce and Law in Warsaw, student of economics at the Faculty of Economics and Management at the same university. She specializes in providing legal services to capital companies as well as individual entities in the field of real estate law, inheritance law and family and custody law. She has experience in the field of public procurement law and construction law.

Joanna Chołody 

Law student at the Faculty of Law and Administration of the University of Lodz, participant of the project "I know my rights" organized by the Law Clinic operating at the Faculty of Law and Administration of the University of Lodz. Her particular area of ​​interest is criminal law and criminal procedure. She speaks English, and also learns German to be fluent in it.